Kids celebration on 68th Republic Day

Mumbai Traveller Club - Mumbai

One of our best Christmas Eve, great tent set up and beddings, rock garden and wine session superb.
— Mumbai Traveller - Mumbai

Nashik Wine Tour for Group of NRI and Doctors

We had our stay at Soma vineyard resort and came to know about Red Grapes at the front desk, called RG and rest everything was taken care. It is a must to take Nashik wine tour as Nashik valley has so much to offer, beautiful scenic surroundings world class wines from passionate wineries.
Wineries are at the interior (country side) and few of them needs appointments hence being the pioneer in this industry Mr. Vikrant Holkar (by the way very knowledgeable) takes care of the rest. NASHIK WINE TOUR IS MUST
— Dr. Kaustub Patel, USA

Wine Industry Visit (Wine Tour) for Mixoflair Institute of Beverage Studies, Nagpur.

Red Grapes has arranged our pick and drop from the nearest railway station Lasalgaon, the Grape to Glass session followed by winery visits was absolutely knowledgable experience for our students. We had really wish to stay at their camping facility but earlier we decided to head back to Nagpur the same day, which was not a good decision, stay is a must at Camp site.
— Mr. Nikhil Deshpande, Founder Mixoflair Institute of Beverage Studies. Nagpur.

Guest from England - Mrs. Linda Piggott

Shamefully, many wine enthusiasts remain unaware of the incredible variety and quality of wines now being produced in India. There are now around 100 producers, many supported by top European winemakers, who have either invested money or expertise in support of this burgeoning industry, giving some exciting results.
Although the Indian wine industry is still in its infancy, this is about to change, in part due to an enterprising venture started by Vikrant Holkar, son of a Nashik farmer/winemaker. India now has its first ever Wine Park and Wine Information Centre at Vinchur, Nashik. Focusing on wine education, with plans for a wine museum too, it is all set to ensure that the Indian wine industry starts to get the international recognition is deserves; many of the wines are now scooping up international awards. Vikrant is passionate and knowledgeable and I was delighted to accompany him on a number of tastings during my three day visit to the area, as many wineries now offer organised tours and tasting sessions. We visited six vineyards in all, and tasted wines from many more; at my last count I had sampled 44 wines, not bad in three days!.
Such was the impression that Vikrant made on me that we are now planning a visit in Nov. 2017 to enable other wine lovers to experience all that this area of India has to offer.
— Mrs. Linda Piggott. Wine and Food Writer, England

Wine Industry Visit for Students - College of Agriculture Biotechnology, Madadgaon, Nagar. Maharashtra.

Last year we had visited winery only, this time we came to know about the concept called Wine Information Center by Red Grapes company founder Mr. Vikrant Holkar who is extremely knowledgable about Indian Wines. Students got to learn about difference between Wine and other alcoholic beverages. Wine is not an alcohol, it has some.
Thank you Red Grapes we look forward for next visit. Sante (Cheers!)
— Mr. Chauhanke, Professor, Biotechnology department. College of Agriculture biotechnology, Madadgaon, Nagar.

Guest from Netherland and Indonesia.

Detailed Indian wine presentation and Wine movie, great interior and landscaping. This is a must visit place for those looking for intense wine knowledge.
— Guest from Netherland.

Wine Industry Visit - VES College, Mumbai.

Thank you for the delightful experience we had at “Red Grapes”. Through the visit to your winery, we got acquainted with the art of wine making and the intricacies of the process. Our students got a wonderful opportunity to actually see the fermenters and other equipment that they had only read about in their books. Surely the interest in the subject that was kindled in them will bear rich fruit in the future.
However, our visit was not just a learning experience, but a pleasant memory that will linger in our minds for years to come. From the lush, green vineyards to the colorful, cozy tents, it was an intoxicating experience for each one of us. Needless to say, the wine tasting session was the most exciting part of the trip!
On the whole, it was a memorable and joyful experience for us. Thank you for your enthusiastic teaching and warm hospitality. We hope to have many more encounters with you in the future.
— Mr. Suman Ganger, Professor, VES College Mumbai.

Guest from Global Footprint Travel Company - Mrs. Tanvi Balgi

Global Footprint guest had great time at “Wine Information Center” a concept by Red Grapes, Grape to Glass session was very knowledgable and interactive, local Maharashtrian food arrangement was simply tasty and healthy. We thank Mr. Vikrant Holkar for such a memorable tour, and we will surely arrange many more wine tours in future.
— Mrs. Tanvi Balgi, Founder and CEO Global Footprint Travel company, Pune.

Guest from France - Mr. Marvin Moog, Wine maker

The experience with Red Grapes can be defined in simple words - Perfection, Great contacts in the industry, Best service, knowledge on Indian wines by Mr. Vikrant Holkar through out the tour was simply great, B2B meeting with wine makers, Head operations, owners of the wineries was perfectly arranged. I wish Mr. Vikrant Holkar for the initiative he is taking to promote Indian wine industry and I am thankful for such a memorable tour I had.
— Mr. Marvin Moog, Wine Maker, France.

Guest from USA - Betty and Tony Notto - Wine Weekly Show.

We thoroughly enjoyed the tour Red Grapes arranged for us and would recommend it for anyone interested in checking out India’s wine country. Vikrant’s knowledge of the region was impressive and informative, and we really appreciated the care with which he arranged all the details so we could just relax and enjoy our trip!
— Tony Notto, Weekly wine show, USA

Wine study tour - Wadia college Pune - Biotechnology department

Being a teacher, it was extremely challenging for me to take my students for an industrial visit where they can simultaneously learn about industry and enjoy it. We were lucky enough to come across “Red Grapes” at Nashik. Red Grapes is dedicated to arranging wine tours in Nashik valley. Once I had a conversation with Mr. Vikrant Holkar, he offered us various customised tour packages.
During our two days of tour, we visited Sula vineyards, York winery and Vinchur wine park. Each visit comprised of wine education session and wine tasting session. As recommended by Red Grapes, we were visiting during harvest season therefore we could have closer look at grape varieties, how they are processed, fermentation and bottling units, different types of wine along with minute technical details. Meanwhile, Mr. Holkar kept us informing about many interesting facts about wine making.
Our tour was meticulously planned so we could spend time without any haste. As we had to finish our tour in two days, we couldn’t take the tour package with vineyard stay. Red Grapes offers excellent packages including travel, food, stay, wine tour and sight -seeing.
Our experience with Red Grapes was extremely pleasant as we were given the dedicated service and full time attention with priority to safety. Our tour concluded with sight-seeing. Wine tour was a great experience as it was a complete package of knowledge and fun. Looking forward to take the wine tour at least once more.
— Miss Anagha Pund, Professor Biotechnology, Wadia college Pune.