The Great Grover Stomp

The Great Grover Stomp

What is it? - The Great Grover Stomp experience starts with a vineyard tour that gives an opportunity to the guests to explore the vineyards after which the guests are escorted for a guided winery tour to highlight the wine making procedure.The tour ends with wine tasting in the barrel room followed by a lunch at the venue. The day long wine tasting and stomping event is complimented by various captivating performances by renowned artists painting with wine and live jazz band. The relation between fine art and wine is wonderfully manifested in the Grover Vineyard 's “Art Collection”. The day ends with grape stomping by the guests marking the beginning of the harvest season. It is a complete experience for wine connoisseurs and lovers from the city and its catchment areas who will enjoy and relax for a day at the picturesque venue along with some marvelous wine and some fun activities.

Where is it held ? - Grover Zampa winery, Bhartya city, Hebbal Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (Click here)

When ? - Usually in the month of February each year for 2016 its on 6th Feb.

How long and timings ? - 1 day, 1pm to 10pm

Price ? - 1250 per person

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The Great Grower Stomp 2014

The Great Grover Stomp 2014