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" Indian Wines " is a concept by Red Grapes to promote Indian wines collectively. Red Grapes runs India's 1st "Wine Information Center" at India's 1st wine park at Nashik valley (Grape and Wine capital of India). Wine lovers travel and visit the center were they get to taste and purchase India's largest Indian wine collection under one roof at factory prices. Various wine education program, wine and food pairing, wine events and festivals, wine industry meet and wine promotion activities run through out the year. 

Many wine lovers those who do not get a chance to visit India's famous wine region - Nashik valley which is surrounded by vineyards and beautiful wineries which makes world class wines. Red Grapes intend to take these amazing wines to the cities and international platform by conducting various different kind of wine events, tourism and services.


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Following are the highlighted activities among various other.

  • Indian wines and food pairing workshops at various types of hotels, restaurants, clubs.
  • Hotel / Restaurant staff training on Indian wines and Indian wine industry
  • Student training programs on Indian wine industry.
  • To conduct wine events / festivals nation wide and participate in International wine fair.
  • Conduct corporate wine events.
  • Educate wine distributors and retailers to promote Indian wines collectively.

Please contact us if we can work together, our rates are very low to support our cause and we donate 50% of the earnings earned under "Indian Wines" to our social cause a concept called "Sweet Grapes - Help them ripe" (click here for more information)

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Download Indian Wines and food pairing workshop sample reference - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

Download Wine tasting sheet / notes with the details on wine tasting session.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PDF

UPCOMING EVENTS will be listed below.

Next event coming soon.


What - SSK Hotel, Nashik F&B staff training on Indian Wines. Wine Sponsor - Reveilo wines.

When and Where - September 2016, at Hotel SSK, Nashik.

What - Hotel Express Inn, Nashik F&B staff training on Indian Wines. Wine Sponsor - Reveilo wines.

When and Where - June 2016. At Hotel Express Inn, Nashik.

What - Nagpur wine lover club presentation on Indian wines / Nashik wine tour and Wine information center. Wine Sponsor - Fratelli Wines.

When and Where - June 2016. At Hotel Ashok, Nagpur