India Grapes Harvest logo

India Grapes Harvest logo

What ? - The event is organized by government bodies like IGPB (Indian Grape Processing Board) , AIWA (All india wine association) etc. which comes under central government, the purpose of the event is to promote Indian wine industry and the main advantages with this events are all the wineries right from the big one's to the boutique wineries in India participate for the event. India Grape Harvest works on wine education and wine promotion for all the wineries in India which helps the wineries to showcase their wines at such a large platform and consumer gets to taste and experience all the different wines from different wineries in India under one roof.

Educating and promoting the wines in a very fun and enjoyable way, were wine is still a taboo in India but at India Grape Harvest the approach is different, families along with their kids come and enjoy the event. There is a lot to offer by India Grape Harvest and main key areas are promoting Indian wine, food, music along with it also various different elements such as,

  • Helicopter ride
  • Parceling
  • Kite festival
  • Live stage performances
  • Moon Light Harvest
  • Grape Stomping
  • Live wine and food cooking
  • Tent Stay
  • Bon fire
  • Fashion show and many many more.

When? - In the month of January or February each year

Where ? - At Vinchur Wine Park, Vinchur, Nashik, Maharashtra (Click here)

How long and timings ? - 2 days post evening till late.

Price? - 500 rs per person 1 day pass (includes entry only)

For ticketing? - yet to be announced for 2015

 Stay? - Tents, Sante vineyard villa, Hotels near Nashik, Red Grapes will do your booking for stay we can recommend you the nearest, easiest to Vinchur as per your budget. 



India Grape Harvest 2014 at Vinchur Wine Park.

India Grape Harvest 2013 at Jupiter Hotel, Nashik.